Prayer for total protection and deliverance for small child!

Urgent and confidential prayer requests that I have sent you over the past for my young grandchild, asking you for prayers in agreement with us for total protection and deliverance regarding visitations for this wonderful Christian child, are being answered by our dear Lord.
The child’s father that would tickle the child on visitation and wouldn’t stop tickling him causing great anxiety and depression in the child, on the visitation last week the father was doing the tickling and the child in desperation to get him to stop, kicked him a couple of times real hard and the father finally stopped. This past week, the father went at the child to do the tickling and the child started to kick him and the father stopped. It was the first time that the child felt had a little control over the situation. It was a huge blessing from God! The child still does not want to see the father because of how different he is because of the father’s diagnosis which makes him talk and react irrational at many times. We have talked with a counselor and a lawyer which said that there would be no help for the child in the court system (because the judge had the evidence of the dangerous diagnosis of the father and judge said that he had mentally ill people in his family so there would be no supervision for the child during visitations) and the child would end up having to be with the father more if we go back to court. We know that only prayers will work for a miracle for this child for total protection and deliverance regarding visitations. Because of all of your prayers, the Lord is moving to help this dear child. Please pray with us in agreement for total protection and deliverance.
Many thanks! God bless you all!


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